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Vocational Assessment

Vocational assessment helps in determining whether or not a patient is able to return to a prior type of employment or is an appropriate candidate for a considered employment. Alternate areas of employment are explored and assessed for feasibility. Specific task demands of a vocation may be inappropriate for an individual relative to their injuries or abilities, be they psychological, neuropsychological, or physical. Workers compensation and disability evaluations typically reside in this arena. Dr. McDonough has performed these types of evaluations for the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, California Department of Rehabilitation, FFA ( federal aeronotics administration ) for pilots or air traffic controllers, and other groups and organizations.

Vocational assessment also helps an individual in determining the fit of interests and abilities for those considering new areas of employment, second careers and the like. Often combined with psychological assessment, this helps understand what fields might be appropriate for an individual across areas of emotional functioning, aptitude, as well as interests.

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