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A few years ago I was in a bad car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury, (TBI). I was left with severe migraines and seizures, it was a life changing event ...not in a good way. For a long time after the accident, I could not understand what had happened, why I was having concentration and balance problems that I never had before , and I was afraid I would never be able to have a normal life again. .On the outside I looked the same, but on the inside I was very different. Many people around me could not understand how my life had changed. I did not know how to move ahead in my life and at times I felt despair and fear. Things that before had come so easily to me like being physically active, dancing and biking suddenly seemed very difficult....I was falling down, and even going to a restaurant with bright lights and loud noises made me feel exhausted or sometimes agitated.... Some days I was unable to communicate in the same manner , and getting back to "me" seemed out of reach . In many ways, I was lost and unable to comprehend how to move forward.

Through my neurologist, I was referred to Dr. Mark McDonough who explained to me what had occurred in my brain from the trauma, and he confirmed for me many of the things I was feeling. His approach was to be both compassionate and encouraging, and he gave me insights into how to move ahead in the parts of my life that I felt I had lost . He directed me to the Neuro-Rehabilitation Outpatient Day treatment Unit where I received extensive physical and cognitive therapy. His initial approach was to encourage me to continue to work on the areas of deficits, and by doing this I was able to move ahead and get back more of my life.

Dr. McDonough is a gentle man, and allowed me to open up about the fears I had about the changes in my life. Because of his experience in this area and working with the soldiers coming back from war right now, I was able to put my trust in him. I believe his insights into the area of TBI, are on the cutting edge across the country because of the experience he and his team have now over the last decade, and I feel blessed he was one of my healers at a time when I felt there was no hope. He and his team have put me back onto the road to recovery and moving ahead in life.

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