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Neuropsychological Evaluations and Brain Injury Testing
Neuropsychological Evaluations and Testing Neuropsychological Testing san diego
Neuropsychological Evaluations and Testing
Psychological Evaluations and Testing san diego
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Neuropsychological Evaluations and Testing


Psychological evaluations can be diagnostically helpful to health care providers and their patients in varied ways. Psychological assessment assesses a patient’s emotional status relative to chronic or acute issues. This can assess a patient’s level of copying, stress, interpersonal relationships, reality testing, depression, and anxiety to name a few areas.

Moreover psychological assessment can also serve as a level of baseline functioning when a future assessment is anticipated or when improvement is anticipated secondary to treatment.

Lastly, the assessment has the potential to help structure subsequent individual psychotherapy so that the therapist has a keener and deeper insight into the patient and his/her issues prior to beginning the therapy or in the course of therapy. Differential diagnosis helps those working with the patient (and the patient himself) to better understand the diagnostic dilemma, with
better understanding as to the appropriate medications for
the diagnosis, treatment interventions, and effective forms
of assistance.


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