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Children are not merely down-sized versions of adults and pediatric neuropsychological assessment requires specific training and expertise. Because many learning disabilities are brain-based, an understanding of the child’s performances across academic, achievement, aptitude, and neuropsychological abilities can provide the most informed set of data. This helps in arriving at an accurate diagnosis and in implementing appropriate treatment strategies and interventions.

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Developmental Evaluations employing the Bailey Scales of Infant Development, the NEPSY (neuropsychological evaluation for children) and other types of diagnostic assessments can help in early interventions and provide supplemental evaluation of children/toddlers who are at risk or for whom there are questions regarding developmental attainment.


Parents have a specially mandated right to explore the possibility of a learning disability for their child. When there is a statistically significant discrepancy between measures of intellectual and academic performance, the diagnosis of a learning disability may be appropriate, along with relevant compensations and accommodations for the child in the academic/school arena. This can be an important component of a 501 plan or other school-based assessment process. Dr. McDonough will work with your respective school or district to assure accurate and informative testing results.

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ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can reliably be assessed with a combination of neuropsychological tests in concert with family and individual interview. The well-rounded examination takes into consideration same-age norms and expectations, gender differences, competing psychological factors that may be mimicking an attention deficit disorder, and the physiology of true ADD. Concerns for overlapping diagnoses of emotional disturbance and learning disabilities are considered and are distilled in the evaluation as needed. Recommendations can speak to pharmacological intervention, behavior modification, and other interventions specifically designed to
address the targeted concerns.


Accurate assessments are necessary for those seeking accommodations for standardized or national testing (MCATS, LCATS, GRE, SAT, and the like); FAA )Federal Aeronautics Administration) evaluations for pilots or air traffic controllers.

Academic assessments or educational evaluations:

Academic assessments or educational evaluations strive to help understand attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, or other barriers to effective learning and school participation.

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