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Karyn Moriel, Psychometrist

Karyn Moriel, Psychometrist with San Diego Neuropsychology

I have worked as a Psychometrist for over 25 years. After attending UC Santa Barbara then transferring to UC San Diego, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I worked for a Neuropsychologist at UC San Diego in a brain image analysis laboratory while also assisting another Neuropsychologist at the Veterans Medical Center in San Diego, performing brief neuropsychological assessments in a research setting. In 1993, I was offered and accepted a position at the Veterans Medical Center in San Diego working in psychometrics. Working in a clinical setting with Veterans from all branches of the military, I have performed neuropsychological assessments in a variety of settings working with inpatient psychiatric, substance use, neurology and spinal cord injury patients. I also have a wealth of experience in the outpatient setting working with head injury patients, those with alcohol and drug abuse history, pre- and post-transplant surgical cases, mental health, geriatrics, primary care, neurology and neurosurgery in addition to many other clinical settings within the medical center. In addition to performing neuropsychological assessments, since 2015, I have been the coordinator for the Neuropsychological Assessment Unit at the VA Medical Center in San Diego. In addition to continuing to assess patients, maintaining our high demand work load within our unit, and work with trainees, including post-doctoral interns, training them in administration of neuropsychological assessments. My clinical experience has been enhanced by also working with Dr. McDonough on community and forensic based neuropsychological assessments.

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