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Expert Testimony

Many times a neuropsychologist/psychologist is called upon to give expert testimony in a case. Neuropsychological testing can provide objective evidence for both defensive and plaintiff bars. Testimony is reinforced by objective assessment and speaks to a patient’s strengths, weaknesses, and causative, contributory, or competing factors related to their functioning. Recognizing court imposed time constraints, thorough and responsive evaluations are provided to attorneys and their clients to assist and identify neuropsychological impairment arising from accident-related injuries or other trauma.

Once in trial, the jury must be educated about brain injury, the validity of neuropsychological testing as an acceptable method of diagnosing injury, and the future ramifications that an injury to the brain can have. Concurrently, an individual may have symptoms consistent with a brain injury though these difficulties may be due to other mitigating or unrelated causes. Identifying and clarifying which is which is an important diagnostic consideration.

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